How to Boost Website Clicks and Conversions

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Clicks and Conversion Rates.

Less than 25% of website owners feel happy with their conversion rates. I have seen people mention conversion rates from 0.1% up to 2% and more. And your conversion rates will change depending on if you are targeting organic traffic or paid traffic via advertising.

PPC or pay per click will also have different conversion rates depending on your market and who you advertise with. You can advertise with Google on Bing or even on Social Media. You can find out more about using Social media platforms for marketing by looking at my past post “Social Media for Business marketing”

Trust and Relevancy.

Conversion rate reflects the trust in your brand, relevancy of the incoming traffic, and a host of other factors. To ensure you are getting the best return on your dollar you need to continuously tweak and upgrade your website.

You need to continually review your SEO practices and check your website speed. But, you may fall short in devising a plan that gives you a daily step-by-step strategy to drive those clicks and conversions. Here I am going to show you some practical steps you can take to improve your website clicks and conversions.

Before we dive into some strategies to increase traffic and conversions we need to look at good and bad quality traffic, and how to focus on getting good quality traffic.

Good and Poor Quality Traffic.

If you’re going to invest time and money in traffic generation, be sure that the traffic you’re sending to your website is of a good caliber. This may imply different things for different people, but generally speaking, high-quality traffic comprises clients who fall into your company’s target market. What niche are you speaking to, if you are looking for teachers there is little point in promoting via an aeronautical group?

You will want to look at your customers’ demographics and then find out where they hang out on the web. Are they more likely to be found on Linkedin or Facebook or Twitter? What approach will secure getting the people you want? what message do your readers want to hear? What are their pain points? What problems can you solve for them?

To understand who is using your website Google analytics is the best bet to uncover those people who are currently visiting your site.

Tips for Increasing Traffic and Conversions.

Search Engine Optimization.

You’ve probably heard a hundred times or more how important search engine optimization (SEO) is for digital marketing. But do you actually comprehend how SEO functions? Even if you have a general understanding of what this complex and extensive process entails, you might not fully understand it.

Understanding the many components of SEO and how they interact is essential to understanding why SEO is so important.

SEO is crucial because it makes your website more visible, which attracts more visitors and gives you the chance to convert them into paying clients.

Additionally, it’s a terrific method to build relationships with prospects, increase brand recognition, and position yourself as a knowledgable authority in your industry.

There are three other articles I have written which are worthwhile looking at as well when talking about SEO, these are;

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Site Speeds.

Site speed is one of the most crucial elements for any website and improving rankings. On a desktop or mobile device, how quickly does your website load? This website will inform you. You can check if a website loads quickly by copying the URL and pasting it into Google Site Speeds. Additionally, it will demonstrate how to speed up your website.

Content is King.

Creating content that attracts organic traffic is one of the most difficult challenges for web marketers. One technique to improve the ranking of your posts is by using SEO writing.

Although SEO specialists generally agree that content is a key component of their strategy, there seem to be varying opinions about what constitutes “great” and even the significance of highly skilled content production.

I have covered more of this in “How to Write Great Website Content | 101

Comments and Endorsements.

Nobody wants to utilize a good or service for the first time. By giving them testimonials and/or evaluations from prior clients, you can relieve their concerns. Once the ice has been broken people will be much less hesitant in following through with a purchase of their own.

“Exit Intent” Pop-Ups.

What is an “exit intent pop-up” then? It is a pop-up message that encourages visitors to wait a little longer. At the same time offering a service or product when they indicate, they’re going to leave.

And the quickest approach to increasing conversions is to keep visitors on your site longer. The average pop-up conversion rate, according to Sumo, is 3.09 percent. It has been noted that, with the right adjustments, you can achieve up to 10%. You have invested time and money in building your website, and now you’re beginning to attract new clients.

The very last thing you want is for a visitor to your website to leave before making a purchase or making some type of commitment.

That is why exit intent pop-ups are necessary: Exit-intent popups can enhance conversions and site engagement.

Although pop-up conversion rates on average are 3.09 percent, the best pop-ups have conversion rates of around 10 percent.

Ninety two percent of those top-performing pop-ups had pop-ups that appear after four seconds. The advertisements of the least effective were shown for 0 to 4 seconds.

Pop-ups that are strategically placed and well-designed can increase conversion rates by up to 60%.

It’s important to keep in mind that timing is everything in this situation; avoid pushing folks towards your pop-up.

Exit-intent pop-ups encourage visitors to stay on your website longer. This means that you want them to appear on the appropriate pages and at the ideal time. There are a large variety of “exit intent” pop-up plug-ins you can choose from if you are using WordPress.

Standing Out From the Crowd.

Why should a reader choose your company’s goods or services over those of your rivals? Why should consumers purchase from you and what makes you unique?

Your conversion rate can be significantly improved by stating and emphasizing your advantages over your rivals. Your text and pictures should convey this and you should be able, to sum up, your unique selling point or USP in no more than ten words.

A value proposition is also known as a mission statement. It is the businesses reason for being The first thing people read on your website is the value proposition. It’s the initial text or image that is meant to spark interest in visitors, leading them to view more of the website. Or if you are talking about 1 post, it is that phrase or ‘keyword” that will draw in your reader to want to read and discover more.

To effectively stand out from the crowd and have your own value proposition defined, you need to be able to find out what your competitors are offering. What is their “value proposition” and their “USP” or unique selling point?

Do a Competitor Analysis.

You must know your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses if you want to outperform them. Then, you may use that knowledge to emphasize your unique selling points (USPs) over those of your rivals.

Remember that before buying something, individuals investigate their options. This can be an opportunity for you to highlight the contrasts between yourself and your rivals. They’re going to research your rivals to see how you stack up. Doing an analysis gives you the opportunity to put yourself in your potential customers’ shoes and compare yourself to your rival. Then, you can concentrate your efforts on making sure that your website is the greatest they will ever find.

Final Thoughts.

Your ROI will increase if you can raise conversion rates. The best and simplest way to raise conversion rates is to increase the number of readers and increase the time they spend reading your content or staying on your page. Even tools like “gamification” are taking foothold for this reason alone.

To strategically increase your conversion rates, you can start by implementing the aforementioned strategies. However, bear in mind that some of these are probably more likely to produce favorable outcomes for your business than others.

Setting goals, gathering information, and conducting ongoing objective testing to determine what appeals to your target market are crucial. And even more crucial is to “change your script if it isn’t working.”

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