What are Anchor texts? | Why they are important?

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“What is an Anchor Text?”

The visible, clickable text of a link is known as anchor text or link text. It is frequently highlighted and in a different color than the surrounding text. The language of a good link tells the reader what to expect if they click on it.

Correct anchor text boosts the likelihood of someone clicking on your link and aids search engines by providing context.

What does it look like?

Anchor texts are generally a different color and sometimes underlined. This helps identify them from the surrounding text. They’re clickable texts that help them stand out. A good anchor text explains why readers should click on the link.

This is accomplished by letting them know what they may expect if they click on the link. Furthermore, effective anchor text not only provides context for search engines but also encourages visitors to click on the link.

Internal Links.

For example, if you wanted to link to this post, you could use the following link text:

What are anchor texts? As a result, you link to articles in a way for the reader to understand where they going.

External links.

Or an external link may look like this. More information on Anchor texts at Wikipedia.

The goal of Anchor text.

The goal of anchor text is to describe the content to which it links. It also appeals to readers in such a way that they are compelled to click on it. Because the URL and anchor text match, search engines can plainly tell how relevant the linked information is.

Anchor text is a critical SEO tool.

The importance of links in SEO cannot be overstated. It can be used on internal links to help search engines understand your site’s structure. The text of your internal link aids search engines in understanding what your internal link is about.

When you create links to other posts, Google takes the wording of the link into account. This is used to specify the topic of the page that will be opened when the link is clicked. As a result, if your link text and key phrase don’t match, Google will have a difficult time ranking your site. This is due to the fact that it is unable to determine whether or not your link is relevant.

Keep it Relevant.

When considering what to link to via your anchor text, keep page relevance in mind. Linking to an irrelevant page won’t help your rankings when bots crawl your site. Part of your SEO strategy should be to link to the most relevant, informational pages you have to offer.

Benefits to Readers.

Anchor texts not only help search engines understand the context of links, but they also benefit your users. It explains to your readers why they should click a link by informing them where it will lead them. As a result, avoid employing the focus keyphrase as a link if you don’t want to confuse both your readers and search engines

Pro Tip.

Put your full keyphrase in quotation marks.

Assume you’re producing an article with the long-tail focus key ‘How to be a successful internet entrepreneur.’ If you utilize any of the words from the focus keyphrase in your link text, Google may penalize you. You can place the full key phrase in quotes to prevent being penalized, so the analysis only matches the complete phrase rather than individual words.

The different types of Anchor Text.

The following are examples of several forms of anchor text.

Exact match.

This tells readers the title of what they’re about to click.

The term ” what are anchor texts | why they are important” refers to employing the page’s targeted keyword as anchor text. As an example, the anchor text for this page is “anchor text.”

Partial match. This makes use of several variations of your focus keyword. The anchor text includes every word in the query but does not completely match the phrase. When optimizing for “anchor text,” for example, use “understanding link text” as your anchor text.

Phrase match. This sort of anchor text involves employing the phrase you want to rank for alongside other keywords that are connected to it. “What are Anchor texts” is an example of this.

Branded. Branded anchor text is simple anchor text that includes your company’s name. ” Wealthy Affiliate Marketers Platform,” for example.

They’re excellent links that allow readers to quickly recognize your brand. With these links, you have a lower probability of being classified as spam.

Naked. The URL is used as the anchor text in naked anchor text. As an example, the anchor text could be “www.koolaffiliates.com.” This is a less popular but common method of employing text because it can appear clumsy in the middle of a paragraph.

and most of the time, this does not assist readers in understanding where and why they should visit that site. You should know what to expect when clicking on a link.

Generic. A generic anchor text is essentially a call to action. “Click here” or “learn more” are two examples.

Back in the day, these links were all the rage, but not any longer. People are no longer comfortable with this old strategy, so you must avoid it.

People nowadays like you to explain what a link is about. A generic link is devoid of keyword-related material.

Images. A CTA is comparable to image anchor text. You’ll utilize anchor text on an image in this case. Ryter as a button on an image, for example, would be the anchor text.

writing help for bloggers
A writing tool for bloggers

You’ll also need to include alt text for your images.

Tips for improving your Link Text strategy

Don’t use clickbait to fool your readers

Readers visit your site primarily to learn something new. The fact that people continue to visit your site indicates that something is working. It’s usually because you appreciate their time, and provide great informative content.

If you start using clickbait to deceive your viewers, you end up jeopardizing not only your site’s ranking but also its trustworthiness.

Consider a reader who clicks on a link text that says “free e-books,” only to be taken to an irrelevant page. Isn’t that terrible and depressing? So don’t do it.

Make sure your readers can see the link text.

Encourage your readers to go to the link text and click it. As a result, make the link text clickable by either choosing a different color or underlining it. You can do both if you want to.

Double-check that the link text matches the information you’re linking to.

A good link text is one that matches the content of the website it opens. This will help your readers understand why they should click the link by letting them know what they may expect. That way, your readers won’t be left guessing what they’re going to open.

Put quotation marks around your key phrase.

For example, suppose you’re writing content with the long-tail focus key phrase “learn to swim.” Now, if any of these words appear in your focus keyphrase, you must replace your link text.

This is due to the fact that it will cause search engines to become confused. Instead, you should enclose each important phrase in quotation marks. As a result, the search engines will be able to rank the complete key term.

Use anchor words that are appropriate.

Anchor words are quite important when it comes to ranking. This is because Google uses them to determine the topic of a web page. Google uses anchor words to determine the relevance of online pages.

As a result, it’s critical to avoid using odd terms that make your link texts look like clickbait. Instead, strive to use anchor words that are related to the links, so that your viewers have a better experience with your content and website.

Don’t overstuff your post with links.

While there is no set number of words that should be used as anchor text, search engines do pay attention to it and the keywords it contains.

It’s important to remember that in SEO, moderation and diversity are both important. So stay away from keyword stuffing and make sure your anchor phrases are useful.

Open in “new tab”.

if you don’t want your readers to leave your post make sure you “tick” the open in new tab square. Otherwise, your readers will leave your post and website when clicking on the link.


While you have no control over the anchor text that other websites use to link back to your website, you do have control over the anchor text that you employ.

Employing your anchor texts properly is a terrific method to make yourself look good in the eyes of search engines. Not only search engines but also your readers are affected. After all, if your anchor text is excellent, you’d be “killing two birds with one stone”.

This is because, in addition to helping search engines understand your content, effective anchor texts provide an excellent experience for your readers.

As a result, ignoring your anchor texts when it comes to link development would be a huge mistake.

The most important thing is to focus on your niche and try to give the best advice possible and keep writing every day.

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