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Why include Images and Video.

Discover why you should include rich media in your content, such as photographs, videos, infographics, and other visualizations, to improve messaging and user experience.

Human beings are visual creatures. We are drawn to beauty.

We are captivated by eye-catching graphics, and we then use that focus to better understand what a message is attempting to express.

Visuals help us understand not only the message, but also what’s behind it – and they do so in a way that is easier, faster, and clearer than just a bunch of printed words.

Let’s not kid ourselves: the most appealing aspects of life – those people, places, and items are always held in high regard by the public at large. They’re hunted down with zeal and persistence. They’re well-liked and in high demand.

7 reasons to include visuals and images.

Understanding content faster.

Did you know that graphic information is processed 60,000 times faster by the human brain than text-based information? Since cave paintings, humans have used visual communication to communicate information.

We can now collect and research practically any subject in the world thanks to the internet, so it’s no wonder that this abundance of data has resulted in a variety of visual expressions.

You can read about anything on the internet, but wouldn’t it be nice to view a graphic that conveys the same information in a third of the time?

Connect with your clients.

Realistic details are shown in photographs and films, which sell.

Much of what we perceive these days is mediated by the internet, including what motivates us to buy something or engage in a physical activity.

Photographs and videos that are well made allow you to engage with your customers on a new level.

The correct picture can make or break a marketing campaign, whether you’re displaying how brilliantly your restaurant’s steak sizzles or simply capturing a lovely design on a piece of canvas.

Solidify your Brand.

Visuals not only help brands improve and simplify their messaging, but they also help brands consolidate their identities.

Visuals allow for more clearer messages, which leads to better familiarity among customers (the target market), which leads to the brand loyalty that all brands strive for.

This goes hand in hand with building and maintaining an authority brand. This is unquestionably made easier by consistency.

Striking websites sell.

Instead of words, the most effective websites feature photographs and videos.

Although text is vital, most websites nowadays are constructed around a sequence of eye-catching graphics that change on a regular basis.

Your website will be a step behind the competition if it lacks smart visuals that pop and capture your brand.

Investing in outstanding photographs on the other hand, can provide you with fuel for social media campaigns and online interaction, which will help you expand your loyal audience.

Encourage sharing your content.

People are more likely to share visual stuff.

This phenomena is what gave birth to the celebrity food world.

It can also be used to assist spread the word about your company without you having to do anything.

With the stroke of a button, you can skyrocket your business out of mediocrity and onto the global stage by using the perfect catchy song in your video or creating the perfect marketing picture.

Reap the benefits of Social Media.

Photos can help you use the likes of Pinterest and Tik Tok to their full potential.

We’ve all become lifestyle marketers thanks to sites like Pinterest, Tik Tok and YouTube. Many individuals use websites like these to keep track of the trends, gather information, and even decorate their bedrooms, patios or houses.

A single eye-catching photo that goes viral on Pinterest or Tik Tok can deliver massive amounts of traffic to your website and company.

Capture those who are time driven.

It’s perhaps the most significant item on this list, despite its obviousness.

Humans don’t merely want or require pictures, no matter how you cut it. Within seconds, the average individual can become distracted (or bored).

That doesn’t leave you much time to pique someone’s interest. So make sure you grab their attention in the most effective way possible, and quickly.

A one stop shop.

My one stop shop for both images and ready-made videos is Depositphotos. Depositphotos offers HD Royalty-Free Stock footage.

At Depositphotos, you may search for and download royalty-free videos. You may also purchase high-quality stock films at a low cost to add to your projects. Find 4K videos, HD videos, and other formats to download right now.


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In Conclusion.

Visuals can make all the difference in whether or not your material is seen.

Make sure you’re providing your audience with not only great material, but also visually beautiful content that can survive the rigors of many platforms.

The figures demonstrate how much better rich media performs in the real world. Use it to your advantage, save money, and expand your brand’s reach.

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16 thoughts on “Why content needs Video and Images | Business Tools.”

  1. This article has given me more perspective. I believe that everyone’s content should have images and videos. This just makes it aesthetically appealing. I always ensure that all my articles have some sort of image. It just makes it more fun to read as people are drawn to bright colours. Thank you for such an informative article. 

    • Thanks Daniel, yes we all need to make sure our websites are both visually appealing and informative. And they can be both by using video and relevant images, not just images that make things look “pretty”



  2. I have a lot to learn here!
    In my hurry I did things mechanically without optimization!
    It’s a good start to make things better,not to mention that I only put a few videos
    on my site articles.

    • Hi Vasile, videos are important but I do not put them on every post. It does help in keeping people on your site as well.

  3. I agree with you on the importance of images and videos in our content as digital marketers. Recently I have not done as much video as in the past but I plan to increase my video content in the near future. Thanks for the reminder and the great ideas you shared.

    • Videos are important these days and we should use them to keep our posts interesting. Also it helps keep people on your siye longer.
      Many thanks

  4. I’m actually taking your advice on the videos as I work on my e-commerce site, which I intend to put into heavy commercial rotation through a few social media sites. I’m likely going to be setting up a YouTube channel that will be engineered towards the hearing impaired as I’m fully versed in sign language. Many deaf/mute customers actually hate the closed captioning feature as sometimes it doesn’t bring forth information as accurately as it should be.

  5. Hi Stephen, Yes I get your point. Images are not only easier on the eye than text but also keep people on your page for longer as well as alt text within images is good for SEO.

    Videos are good as if someone watches then people will stay longer also.

    On my websites I use videos, photos and also I like using pinterest pins

  6. As humans, we are not only moved by what we hear but by what we see, we are all visual beings and it is just something with our brains when we see images that make what we are viewing more interesting that keeps us reading or watching. So let’s take advantage of images.

  7. You make a great argument for adding more pictures and videos to all of my posts and pages. I almost want to push all the text to the bottom and try to tell the story with images. I definitely look for pictures when I’m looking to buy something. I have to see it and better yet if there’s a video where you get perspective on the size and how it’s used. It’s great to get insights on how to skyrocket my site out of mediocrity and at the same time make my posts more interesting to my audience. I’ve got some work to do and the sites you recommended will come in handy.

  8. My posts, so far, have been a sea of words. I don’t like stock images very much. They seem a bit unnatural to me. But maybe it’s better to use stock images than to not use anything. I have been trying to produce video content but it’s not easy. I downloaded a program called Davinci Resolve and am learning how to use it.

    • As a teacher as well as an online marketer, I know we all have different ways of absorbing information. A large number of people are visual learners who need graphics and images to reinforce the script. Even with the script we need to make sure it is surrounded by a lot of white space to make it easy to “digest” As for the video, you may find this tool easy. It comes in a free and paid version. Here is the link.

      Free Business Video tool | Screencast-O-Matic. – (koolaffiliates.com) 

      I hope it helps.



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