What is cultural Ageism in the Workforce?

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Ageism in the workforce.

Ageism is a word that was coined by Robert Neil Butler in 1969. It refers to older people being discriminated against because of their age. Some employees do not look behind the lines of the face. All they see is an old man or an old woman.

It is very disappointing that they can not get past the prejudices of conditioning from our youth-orientated culture.

It can be a casual thing or systematic. “Oh look what a sweet old man.” Do they say that about Keith Richards?

Or, I would employ her but she will probably only stay for 5 years. That is longer than most young people stay in one chosen career path. The average time a worker stays in one job is now 4.3 years for men and 4 years for women. And that includes all demographics and ages.

Another misconception is that older workers do not have the ability to learn.

Older workers have a lifetime of experience and knowledge at their fingertips.

Who Can Help?

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2 thoughts on “What is cultural Ageism in the Workforce?”

  1. Hi Stephen, this is very true. At my previous employer, despite having a workforce of over 80, you’ll struggle to find an elderly employee. All of us were young, our 20s to 40s. Society just assumes older people have nothing to offer and should spend their time resting and watching sunsets. They may not be fast but have a wealth of experience that can be passed on at the workplace. The good thing though is that they can pursue online businesses from the comfort of their homes as you advise. Thanks for this.

    • Thanks Steve. Yes it is a shame that people with a wealth of experience are sometimes sidelined only because of their age. Thanks for the comments.


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