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Let’s get Freaky and Geeky | What is

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What is

Ok, I will let you into a geeky secret. What is There is no place like home Alice. If you have received this message it means you have been looped back to your own computer.

That is why the above T-shirt is funny to geeks. And that is why it should be funny to YOU. So if you didn’t know what was, now you do.

If you really want to geek out you can read more on Wikipedia about local host and IPv4 Network standards.

Or just pretend you know this shit and buy the T-shirt.

Buy it here and make me one dollar. Come on Geek out and hit that button. I have cable to support.


Read my affiliate policy here. But It may loop back to 

Keep on smiling.



4 thoughts on “Let’s get Freaky and Geeky | What is”

  1. Good Morning,

    I didn’t know, and now I know! lol 

    You do have to be in the know for this one. It had me scratching my head for a few moments. I ended up following through to the wiki page you linked to learn more about what it means. I am always so curious to learn new things. I’ve literally opened myself up to a world I had no clue existed. I am currently on a page about “what is the difference between 127 .0 .0 .1 and 0. 0. 0. 0 is?”. 127 . 0. 0. 1 is a loop-back as you mentioned, and 0. 0. 0. 0 is a non-routable meta-address. 

    It might be funny to have a shirt that says “don’t find me at 0. 0. 0. 0”. 

    Anyway, have a great day! Thanks for the laugh!


  2. That is the fun of the inside message. It creates an immediate bond with someone else who is in the know and often will inspire complete strangers to react and reach out and communicate to show they have understood. I get it – I had to look it up with Wikipedia to grasp the meaning.

    It reminds me of an experience when I was walking through New York City with two other drummer friends. Each of us was carrying a loaded drum bag and if it wasn’t abundantly clear where our interests lay, one of my friends had a djembe foolah teeshirt. We had a fun moment when a passing cab driver beeped out a standard African drumming signal, called a break on his horn.

    In today’s world, geeky is cool. Big Bang Theory. Say no more.

    • Thanks Andy, I guess there are in jokes and phrases within most groups of people. I never knew about African drumming signal. Thanks for sharing that.



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