Wealthy Affiliate in 2022 | Can you make Money Online?

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Who are they?

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned marketer, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Wealthy Affiliate.

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of interesting things about this platform as well.

Am I right?

And now you’re asking yourself questions like:

What Is Wealthy Affiliate and How Does It Work?

What is the mechanism behind it?

Is it even possible?

What is the total cost of WA?

Is it true that Wealthy Affiliate is a rip-off?

and much more!

Overview of the Wealthy Affiliate program

Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim are the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, an affiliate marketing platform that says help you make money online.

Joining is free of charge. Premium $49 per month ($495 per year) or Premium Plus $99 per month ($995 per year)

4.9 out of 5

Recommended?: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

A brief summary: Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform for launching an affiliate marketing-based internet business. To put it another way, you may make money online by marketing the products of others.

The Good.

The fact that Wealthy Affiliate has been a leader in the market for over a decade is one of its best features. They provide comprehensive step-by-step education at an inexpensive price, which is ideal for both newcomers with little experience and established marketers aiming to increase their income.

In addition to a superb education, the company offers a website builder and hosting service, a keyword research tool, an affiliate program marketplace, webinars, one-on-one coaching, a large community of like-minded entrepreneurs, private mentorship, and more.

The Not so Good.

The disadvantage of Wealthy Affiliate is that it takes a long time to see results with this program (about 3-6 months or more, depending on you). A vast community can also be a source of distraction, diverting your attention away from your work.

My Experience with Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have a few minutes, I’d like to tell you about my Wealthy Affiliate experience.

I was in the same situation as you were about a year ago.

I wanted to learn more about affiliate marketing and was seeking a legitimate training course.

I, too, was curious about how to generate money online.

I came upon Wealthy Affiliate after getting burned by a few con artists.

“This is just another con,” I thought at first. I’m not interested in it. “Thank you, but no thanks,” I said.

It was logical thinking, given that I’d already lost a couple of hundred dollars on those scams. Yep.

However, after spending a few days reading and learning about Wealthy Affiliate, I came to a different conclusion.

It was difficult to remain cynical because there were, and still are, so many good Wealthy Affiliate reviews available.

You’ve probably already read a few of them. If you haven’t already, this is your first chance.

To cut a long tale short, Wealthy Affiliate was the key to my success, and I now have a profitable internet business owing to WA’s tools, training, and support.

And today, I’d like to help you avoid squandering your time and money on ineffective programs and scams and instead start with something that actually works.

What and Who are Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform where you can learn how to create a specialized website or blog for affiliate marketing.

In other words, you can get money by blogging about something you enjoy.

Isn’t it straightforward? To be honest, it’s the most valuable lesson I’ve ever learned.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that allows you to make money online.

Here’s how to get started with Wealthy Affiliate and start making money.

Before we go any further, a word of caution: the affiliate marketing approach taught at Wealthy Affiliate is not a “get-rich-quick” plan.

It’s nothing like the rubbish you hear on the internet.

There’s nothing to do with magic buttons, money loopholes, or push-buttons here.

If you’re tired of bogus websites and “get-rich-quick” schemes, Wealthy Affiliate could be the answer for you.

The model depicted in the image above is a procedure that takes some time to comprehend and put into practice appropriately.

But it pays off very quickly if you can follow the training and expert advice at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Top 5 Features

Let me take a moment before we get into the meat of this Wealthy Affiliate review and give my own top five features of the platform!

First and foremost, a free starter membership ($0 per month!) is available.

Starter Membership is the first and most important feature of Wealthy Affiliate.

The Starter membership comes with a website, web hosting, and the first 10 lessons (out of 50) from the course, which are more than enough to get you up and running.

After you’ve had a chance to see the Wealthy Affiliate platform and training for yourself, you’ll be able to decide if you want to continue for real or put it aside for good.

Number two: a sizable community (1.5 Million Wealthy Affiliates)

The community is the second-best aspect of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has a lot of experienced coaches and coaching, as you can see in the image below.

Help is accessible everywhere, from professional instructors to seasoned affiliate marketers who are eager to share their knowledge.

The training is the third best feature

Video Tutorials with Step-by-Step Instructions.

If you look at the graphic above again, you’ll notice that Wealthy Affiliate has been in operation for 16 years.

That’s over a decade of teaching folks how to become internet marketers and earn money online!

The training itself is, without a doubt, the best I’ve come across.

Kyle and Cameron make affiliate marketing simple to understand and use to anyone.

In just a few months, you’ll be up and running thanks to the step-by-step video instruction. Below is an example of the training you get when joining.

Number 4; All-inclusive resources

The so-called “toolbox” was the fourth factor that influenced my decision to join Wealthy Affiliate.

You receive everything you need to work on your business at Wealthy Affiliate without having to outsource or worry about hidden charges.

It’s where I host all of my websites, run my business, aid others, and seek assistance when I’m stuck.

WA Success stories

Last but not least, there are real people who have achieved true success. These men and ladies will not try to dupe you with tales about Lambos’ money, villas, or yachts. Instead, they are real people who have made it and are willing to show you the path to success.

The Owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

Kyle and Carson’s Wealthy Affiliate is the only program I’ve found that isn’t just about stealing your money in exchange for a few things.

These two Canadians were at the same place as you are right now over 15 years ago, 14 to be exact.

They were learning about affiliate marketing and its possibilities.

They wanted to share their knowledge with the rest of the globe as their success and revenue grew.

Fast forward to today, and Wealthy Affiliate has tens of thousands of satisfied affiliate marketers.

I appreciate a straightforward approach to business, which is exactly what you can anticipate from these individuals.

As you probably know, you can try out their affiliate marketing training program until you feel ready to start working on your future as an online entrepreneur seriously.

Who is it for?

I’ve seen a wide variety of folks come and go and in my opinion there is no such thing as the ideal Wealthy Affiliate member.

Anyone can achieve here, in my opinion, if they take this chance seriously, follow the training, and work diligently and regularly.

It can be used by;

  • Beginners with no prior experience.
  • Marketers with a lot of experience.
  • Moms and dads who stay at home.
  • Students and employees.
  • People who are looking for opportunities of all kinds.

Who is it not for?

Many individuals are searching for a magic solution, a program that can be activated with a single button press.

Wealthy Affiliate is not for anyone searching for a quick way to make money.

If you’re one who thinks that, make it your mission to convince yourself that it doesn’t exist!

It’s also not for the slackers who refuse to roll up their sleeves and work hard at their business.

Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate business.

Furthermore, this affiliate marketing training platform is a long way from being a scam or any other type of unfair or illegal enterprise. I’ve gathered a great deal of information on the business.

I’ve learnt a lot about WA’s training, community, tools, and all else it has to offer.

I’ve lost a lot of money because I put my trust in people who merely wanted my money.

Not to mention the time I’ve wasted waiting for some miraculous push-button method to make me money overnight.

Of course, I had reservations about WA.

However, it took me two weeks to be completely enthralled by what this organization has to offer and to actually dive in.

Kyle and Carson, the platform’s creators and owners, are well aware of the test drive concept.

You are welcome to come in and try out the training and the rest of the service.

They’ll provide you with two free websites, a 10-lesson business model training, and the opportunity to use the Jaaxy keyword research tool (30 free searches).

That’s more than enough time to observe what’s going on, understand the fundamentals of the industry, set goals, devise a plan and strategy, and get to work!

That’s how I got involved (and thousands of others like me).

But why should we stop there?

Those of you who want to participate will receive the most comprehensive set of tools and training available.

In addition, qualified coaches and a live community can assist you in developing a profitable niche marketing website!

There is no question as to whether Wealthy Affiliate is a scam or a legitimate business. It is unquestionably genuine.

Core Training is provided for free.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification is the foundational course at WA.

You’ll find everything you need to launch an affiliate marketing business and establish an online presence in the Online Entrepreneur area.

This is the portion of my Wealthy Affiliate review where you may take a look around for free while still getting your business off the ground.

There are five levels of training available, each with 50 video sessions!

The classes have been fine-tuned and are really well related to your business.

Throughout the process, you are guided step by step.

The lessons are all available in video format. Each lesson is hosted by Kyle.

After you finish each video, you will be given a few activities to complete shortly after you finish the lesson.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp.

The Wealthy Affiliate bootcamp is a program that teaches you how to make money online

Bootcamp is divided into seven sections with a total of 70 videos to guide you through the process of creating an affiliate marketing website where you can learn how to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Here is the list of training modules in Bootcamp:

  • Phase 1 – Getting Your Business Rolling.
  • Phase 2 – Content, Keywords, and Conversion.
  • Phase 3 – Giving Your Site Social Value.
  • Phase 4 – Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media.
  • Phase 5 – Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals.
  • Phase 6 – Bing, Yahoo & The Power of PPC.
  • Phase 7 – How To Scale Successful PPC Campaign.

And even more.

Training HQ

Access a knowledge database or a wealth of knowledge from trainers and members.

All of the Wealthy Affiliate classes, videos, and tutorials are listed here.

The entire community is always on the lookout for new ideas. There are no boundaries to what you can learn here.

Every now and again, a community member who has achieved great success shares his or her story. You can learn a lot of secrets that can help you boost your business.


Have a question? Within Wealthy Affiliate, you can go to the classroom section and ask a question or look for guidance.

It is here that more seasoned members of the community will gladly come out to you and give assistance.

You can get answers to any questions you could have regarding affiliate marketing.

And all you have to do is ask the correct question to get the answer.

Website design and hosting

Wealthy Affiliate, unlike other online affiliate marketing courses and schemes, allows you to host your website domain on their servers.

You won’t have to scour the internet for a domain name and hosting when it’s included in your subscription.

Kyle and Carson have made a generous move by including web hosting and Website Builder in the total package.

It is, in my opinion, one of the most useful components of the entire Wealthy Affiliate network.

Live Events by Wealthy Affiliate

You may see a preview of forthcoming webinars hosted by community ambassadors in this section.

Wisdom and knowledge abound!

Hosting a weekly webinar all year is one of the most valuable sources of that expertise that is on offer.

Week after week, Jay will improve your knowledge and talents.

Even if you miss some of his webinars, which you almost certainly will, there is always a second, third, and fourth chance, all the way up until you decide to view it.

Every webinar is saved in the library and can be watched whenever it is convenient for you.

And even more.

Affiliate Programs

You may join a variety of lucrative affiliate programs right from the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

Affiliate programs can be found by searching by category, keywords, opportunity, high commission, high commission percentage, and top-rated programs.

Alternatively, in just a few clicks, you can browse the internet for a plethora of affiliate programs.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Another reason I opted to join in the first place is because of Jaaxy.

This tool is designed to assist you in finding keywords. You’ll utilize it to get content ideas, among other things. Keywords aid in the discovery of your post by search engines such as Google, which then places it higher on the page for individuals looking for your content.

If you want to understand more about Jaaxy, check out my review. Keyword research tool.

Kyle and Carson made another brilliant step by allowing you to use the keyword research tool while working on your website content.

This Wealthy Affiliate tool has helped me save time and money. And if you ever have a problem. Site support will help.

Site Support.

You don’t have to be concerned if something goes wrong with your website.

Site Support is available at all times to assist you with any problems you may encounter along the route.

And I have personally found the response time to be extremely fast, sometimes within minutes and never later than 8 hours.

Starter and Premium Plans at Wealthy Affiliate

Unlike many other affiliate marketing systems, Wealthy Affiliate does not constantly push pricey upsells on its members.

Furthermore, there are no upsells.

There are just three membership levels to choose from “Starter”, “Premium” and “Premium Plus”.

You are under no obligation to upgrade and there’s no need to enter your credit card information. but be aware that your starter or free training comes with limited options. however, it gives you a good chance to “kick the tires”

Real people real stories.

How to start at Wealthy Affiliate.

All you have to do to get started with WA is click the orange button.

You’ll be transferred to the WA platform after clicking the button, where all you have to do to get started is register your email address.

Kyle will give you a quick tour after you’ve joined (the co-owner of WA).

He’ll walk you through creating your profile and getting started with the course.

In addition, I’ll contact you and assist you in getting started.

All you need to do now is take action with the course, follow the directions, and be patient, and you’ll have a great online business in no time.


I know from personal experience that most newcomers are on a shoestring budget.

As a result, when it comes to the cost of any other program on the market, none of them can match this one.

You can even begin with no cost. There are no obligations at all!

Every newcomer requires all the assistance he or she can get.

Because it boasts the largest online affiliate marketing community, WA is the only training school that can be dubbed a university.

You may obtain help from some of the industry’s most accomplished professionals at any time.

I strongly encourage you to join the Wealthy Affiliate Program and embark on this exciting journey with us.

My name is Stephen and I am the author of this post and the owner of Kool Affiliates.

Any or all links on this site may be affiliate links, and if you purchase something through those links I will make a small commission on them.

There will be no extra cost to you and at times due to my affiliation, you could actually save money.

You can read our full affiliate disclosure here.

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