Why are Focus Keywords Important for SEO?

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Using Focus Keywords.

Using a focus keyword for your posts and pages is critical if you want to optimize your website for SEO. Find out more about website optimization here, from “Google

Using a target keyword will ensure that your content is well prepared and ready to attract a large amount of traffic. But what exactly is a focus keyword, and how do you utilize it and measure it?

What is a Focus Keyword?

Simply put, the target keyword is the search term for which you want your article or page to be ranked in search engines. As a result, when people use search engines to look for that exact phrase or keyword, they should be able to locate you easily among the other website pages.

The main goal of the focus keyword is to develop content around it, or alternatively, to locate the keyword phrase for already published material and rank it for that keyword in Google or Bing.

For example, if you’re writing an article about “teaching English in Vietnam for ESL students”, using a keyword research tool will help you find a list of potential focus key phrases. Such as;

Keyword research tool
Keyphrase tool.

What is a Keyword Research Tool?

A keyword research tool is a piece of software that uses Search Engines to find certain words.

It is used to improve the ranking of your website on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. If your website has a higher ranking, it will appear higher in the search results.

So, if you type in “Teaching Esl,” the search engine will discover that term or words and assist you in finding the material you seek.

More people will visit your website if it is number 1 or close to the top of the page that is being searched. When more people visit your website, the likelihood of someone purchasing a product from you increases.

There are a lot of keyword research tools in the marketplace.

Some of the more popular ones are Ahrefs, Soovie, SEcockpit, and more. But for ease of operation and the amount of information you receive, my favorite is Jaaxy.

You can find out more here about ” Keyword Research Tools” in one of my past posts.

How Important are Focus Keywords?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for your website because it is one of the most effective strategies to increase visitors. If you rank for some terms in Google search, you should get more visitors and more clicks.

If you want a post or page to rank for a specific keyword, your on-page SEO should be laser-focused on that one issue. If your material is distinctive, informative, and targeted, you’ll have the highest chance of ranking.

Affiliate marketing.

The way you conduct keyword research for affiliate marketing will have a significant impact on your results. Promoting your product or service will be considerably more difficult if your keyword selection is incorrect. This is because your affiliate offer will not be seen by the right people.

Even the best product/service will not sell without the correct traffic or audience.

You can find out more about Affiliate marketing here. Kick the tires with no credit card and check out Jaaxy the keyword tool for free.

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Because you’re doing so much in such a small space, focus keywords are especially important for eCommerce. Because it’s easy to generate duplicate pages for identical products, adding keywords to your product pages can help you earn sales.

How to Find The Best Focus Keywords.

The following are the three most critical elements to consider when looking for the ideal Focus keyword:


How many people are searching for the keyword? What are the search terms that your readers are using? Your success rate will skyrocket if you can match what they’re writing.


What is the difficulty of ranking for the keyword? What is your opponent’s stance? If you’re just getting started and there are 300 other people sharing the same material, your chances of getting people to read your post are slim.

Seek out “low-hanging fruit.” Those keywords with a low level of competition. If you only have to compete with five other posts, your chances of being read are substantially higher.


Is your keyword relevant to the topic of your article? Is it pertinent to your topic? If your target keyword does not correspond to what is written, you will just confuse readers, leading them to seek answers elsewhere.

Where to add your Focus Keywords.

So you have your keyword or keyword phrase for your post, where will you add it or them? For focus Keywords, you add them here.

Post title, Meta description and Focus keyphrase image

You can see my “Focus Keyphrase” is below the “Meta Description” which is below my “Post Title” and all this is found in my “Dashboard” under “posts” on my WordPress website.

dashboard image
WordPress dashboard

Other Places You Can Put Keywords.

We’ll go over the other sections of your website where you can put your keywords as well. Make them feel natural and simple for both your clients and the search engines that direct them to your site. Make sure they are grammatically correct and easy to read, not just a jumble of words.

Focus keywords can be used in the following places as well;

  • URLs of web pages.
  • Titles of Pages.
  • Descriptions of products.
  • Meta descriptions for products.
  • Pages for each category.
  • H1, H2, H3 blog headers Alt text for the site, product, and blog photos.

Keyword Tips.

In search engine optimization, keyword stuffing is frowned upon. Google despises it, and one of the reasons is that it makes your visitors’ experience unpleasant.

While your core keyword should have a significant presence in your content, it should never overpower the message to the point that it appears forced.

Also, consider using long-tail keywords in the title of your post to help define your “low hanging fruit” market. More information can be found here at “Fat Joe and Long Tail Keywords“.

Keywords are the Bedrock of your Business.

Keywords are the bedrock of any successful internet business, including affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate marketer, you must understand the many sorts of keywords and when to use each one in your content.

This is due to the fact that not every term has the capability of generating sales traffic.

Your blog’s SEO strength will be built on a few keywords. While some keywords will aid in the development of a loyal following for your site.

And, for the most part, you’ll need to write on keywords that drive sales, leads, and conversions on a regular basis.

Content Reigns Supreme.

At the end of the day, Google likes content more than anything else. If your content doesn’t “kick the goals” nothing else you do will save it.

The focus keyword should be chosen before you start writing the content as a recommended practice. Rather than trying to pick a relevant keyword from the page after writing, you can write a comprehensive and competitive piece of content for the focus keyword.

To Google, the most crucial factor is the quality of the content. No matter how fantastic a focus keyword you choose, if you’re not providing highly relevant and easily read content on a regular basis, it won’t rank.

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4 thoughts on “Why are Focus Keywords Important for SEO?”

  1. Thank you for sharing your views and knowledge on affiliate marketing. I found a lot of what you said really easy to understand. You don’t assume that everyone knows all the jargon, it was refreshing to read. I’ll definitely return to learn more about affiliate marketing and use your tips.


    • I am pleased you found it helpful and easy to understand. And yes, I don’t assume everyone knows the terminology of this industry. 
      One thing I do believe though is we need to help others be successful as well. There are so many niches and areas for people to be successful, there should be no thoughts of “ protecting your niche”


  2. Keywords are so important when you are creating content for a website and want to be found by the search engines. These tips will help anybody that wants to know what focus keywords are and where to use them. 

    Adding keywords to alt descriptions of images is a great way to have keywords that will be read to visually impaired people. How important do you think it is to have H1, H2 and H3 headers? I never use H1, only H2 and H3, so should I be adding H1 headers with my keyword as well? Thank you.

    • I think if the rest of your SEO is in place, the header sizes, while still important, need not be strictly formatted into H1, H2, or H3 only.  I use H3 as my biggest font size and then use various font sizes below that. I generally range from 25, 23, 21, and 20 for content. 

      I am an ex offset printer so I am very aware of the visual aspects of various font sizes in content.

      Whether right or wrong, I get a pre-publish SEO score always in the 90s. 

      Thanks for the comments.



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