Fat Joe and Long Tail Keywords for SEO purposes.

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What are Long Tail Keywords?

Long-tail keywords are longer, more precise keyword phrases that your readers are more likely to use when looking for specific information or coming close to making a purchasing decision.

The search volume for most long-tail keywords is lower than for short phrases. They seem contradictory at first, but if you know how to use them, they are really beneficial.

When there’s a lot of competition in your industry, a long-tail keyword approach might really help you out. Alternatively, there may be a lot of competition for the major keywords you’re trying to rank for.

However, most businesses or blogs can benefit from this method because it allows you to attract people who are looking for something special. Here, I’ll discuss what long-tail keywords are and how knowing what you want to achieve with your post will help you use them more effectively.

Why are they beneficial?

When you are writing a heading like the above ” Fat Joe and long Tail Keywords” the opposition you come up against is very low than if you just wrote ” Long Tail Keywords”

And why is this important? This is important because it will put you up against less competition when it comes to being “found by Google”. Google sends out crawlers or spiders to find the headings or keywords that will help you to get indexed and how close you are to the top of the page.

What does Google want these days?

While I have no inside sway with Larry Page, Sergey Brin, or Sundar Pichai, the changes to the Google algorithm are not impossible to fathom out.

There are FIVE areas in particular that Google is beginning to naturally place a greater emphasis on, indicating that they are gravitating toward material that is valuable, helpful, and provides a high-quality experience for people.

(1) The Content. The stuff you’ve made is of high quality. Keywords are no longer the primary emphasis of search engines. They have a much better understanding of what defines high-quality and low-quality information.

(2) Social Interaction. When people share your work, it signals to Google that it is “worthy of sharing.” People don’t share anything that isn’t valuable, and they can judge the social value of content using tools like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

3) Engagement. People will leave you comments at a greater pace and of higher quality if your material is engaging and entertaining. Remember that the interaction you get from your comments is also content, which means your posts will always be new.

(4) The speed of the website. We live in a time when speed is everything. You will be assigned lower ranks if you have a slow theme, use a slow web server, or have other items such as plugins or photos, or videos that slow down your website.

(5) Keywords. Every page and post on your website should be focused on a single keyword topic. Keywords are what help you rank in search engines and drive visitors to your website.

Even when your website becomes more established in search engines, you should strive for under 100 QSR (competition) for all keywords.

One thing to keep in mind is that when you target “longer tailed” keyword phrases, you’re also targeting all of the search terms that fall under that wider term.

For Example:

When you look at the second image ” Fat Joe and Long Tailed keywords” you will see that this phrase also captures.

  • SEO and Long Tail Keywords.
  • What are Long Tail Keywords and.
  • Long and short tail Keywords.

And the competition is a lot less to compete with. Let me explain Jaaxy and what the Avg, Traffic, and QSR terminology means.

What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a piece of software that searches for certain words for search engines.

We use it to improve our website’s Google, Bing, or Yahoo rankings. If your website has a higher ranking, it will appear higher in the search results. As a result, if someone types in “Long Tailed Keywords,” the search engine will identify that term or words and assist them in finding the information they need.

More people will visit your website if it is towards the top of the page that is being searched, or even number one.

How frequently do you venture beyond the first page of a search? I’m guessing not much.

You can find out more about Jaaxy here at ” What is a Keyword Research Tool” or just continue reading.

Search Engine Results Page. (SERPS)

After you’ve filled in your search query, a search engine results page (SERP) appears. The search engine results page (SERP) will show you the results for what you were looking for. Depending on what you typed into the search bar, it will choose the most relevant page. If you type in “Vietnamesl” ( My other website), for example, the page will appear like this.

And that is exactly where you want your website. On page number one, ranking number one.

How can I get started with Jaaxy?

You begin by typing your keyword or phrase. Then, under the blue tab “Find Keywords,” you’ll get a list of keywords and ideas that you can utilize. Avg, Traffic, and QSR are the three key headings.

  • The average amount of traffic that these phrases or keywords receive is referred to as Avg.
  • The monthly traffic for these phrases or keywords is referred to as traffic.
  • The competitors or other websites that include these phrases or keywords are referred to as QSR.
  • In a nutshell, you want the most traffic and the least amount of competitors.

Try it Out Yourself.

You might say, Q; I don’t have time? It only takes 5 minutes.

Q; I don’t want to use my credit card. A; You don’t need a credit card.

There has to be a catch? There is no catch, it is up to you if you want to try it out for free. Yes, the first 30 searches are free. Click the above image to start your free trial.


And I will throw these in as well if you decide to at least have a look and see if it is a tool you can use for your website.

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My Story.

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And Finally, Who is Fat Joe.

No, it is not me. I am not fat Joe. But fat Joe is a very clever man when it comes to Long-Tailed Keywords. And the Fat Joe I am talking about is not the rapper. My fat Joe is fat and bursting with Long-tailed keywords.

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How does it works and what are the benefits?

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