Best Standing Desk for the Home Office

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What are Standing Desks and are they Healthier?

A standing desk is designed to be used while standing up or seated on a high stool to write, read, paint or draw things for school or work.

Fans of standing desks cite research demonstrating that on days when a person spends more time standing, blood sugar levels return to normal more quickly after a meal. But are the long-term effects just as healthy or is it better sitting?

The cornerstone of a healthier workstation is arguably your standing desk or adjustable desk. You’ll feel more energized and thus connected to your work and the world around you if you move your body and stretch your muscles throughout the day. So, sitting, standing, leaning, and stretching is beneficial to your health and this is promoted by using a standing desk.

The other question that comes to my mind though, is would you like to do this all the time? And if you are in your 50’s, 60’s, and older would you still wish to do it.’

Personally, I would prefer the option of being able to stand when I want to stand and sit when I want to sit.

Home Office Environment.

If like me, you have the opportunity to work out of home and have the space to design your own “home office surroundings” then you can set up the “dream home office” Purchasing the table may be the first thing on your list and if so this YouTube video may be a big help in deciding.

Standing or Sitting?

The ability to stand at your desk all day is not the biggest advantage, according to research conducted over the previous ten years. Instead, these adjustable-height desks allow you to move around freely while you work.

This is based on the same studies that showed that spending the entire day seated at a desk was unhealthy. How? Negative physical and mental health conditions, such as heart disease and depression, are exacerbated by stillness.

My Choice of Standing Desk.

I find that choices of desks, especially standing desks, are exactly that, personal. And strangely enough, males seem to be more “territorial” about their choices. Woe and despair anyone who touches my desk or tries to put their feet up, war would be declared. Advance past my paperclips and your ruler will be decimated and brought down by a barrage of rubber bands. Just try me.


I would normally provide 3 or more products to compare, but because of my overwhelming like for this product and for such a low price, I do not think you can do better with any other brand. I am happy to debate about this, however, in my opinion (for the cost) you can’t do better.

It is the little things that win you over, like the hooks under the table for hanging up cups, headsets, and even jackets.


This little beauty runs out from $240.00 and can be purchased direct from Amazon. What I particularly like is how you can go from a standing desk to a sitting desk without having to purchase anything else.

To read more or buy direct, click the above button. You will not be disappointed.

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Independent Review.

Here is a review done by an independent buyer. He purchased the cheapest gaming desk on Amazon which just happened to be a Dripex gaming desk. This will help you understand what the “hype” from me is about.

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