How to get readers to visit my Website.

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Increase Traffic to your Website by using Social Media.

How to get readers to my Website.

Do you spend a lot of time writing for your website but have a hard time getting people to read it? If you replied yes, there’s a strong chance you’re not using social media to promote your postings. At the very least, you aren’t doing it properly.

Most website owners and bloggers will tell you that they publish posts on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts or pages to promote their blogs on social media. However, that is only half of the struggle.

It is not just Social Media.

Write good content.

This isn’t just a problem caused by social media. Make your posts interesting and useful to encourage people to read them in the first place. Your audience, no matter who they are, will not share just any content with you.

As a result, the content you provide must be both fascinating and valuable. People will come to your website if it contains information that they cannot get elsewhere.

On the other hand, you can provide the same information to them, but you must do it differently.

The goal is to come up with a unique and fun way to communicate the themes you write about.

You can discover more about SEO content writing on How to write great content.

Add social Media buttons.

You can rapidly share your material across your selected social media platforms by including social media buttons with your content. There’s no reason you shouldn’t include Facebook and Twitter share buttons on your website, just like I do.

Furthermore, by joining in with a social media account, you may allow users to comment on your post

Make sure you have a large enough audience on a social network to validate the reason for the button.

Loading Time and site speed.

It doesn’t end there, either. We’re all aware that page load time is an important ranking factor. Your pages must load quickly because mobile devices account for a lot of the traffic these days. The time it takes for a page to load is measured in milliseconds. People will quickly leave if they have to wait too long

Find out a lot more about how to speed up your website load time.

SEO and organic growth.

Keeping up with continual upgrades and avoiding technical site issues is a daily challenge for webmasters.

Even if you’re already aware of a number of problems with your website, maintaining it in the ever-changing world of SEO might be difficult.

If you have a firm understanding of the most common, and possibly destructive, missteps, you may give yourself a fighting chance of keeping technical issues to a minimum and website performance to a maximum. This also will increase readership organically. You can find out more on my post SEO Rankings

Use your social Media platforms.

The First thing.

When someone visits your social media profile, what do they see first? Your profile.

Your profile, whether it’s your Twitter bio, Facebook About section, or LinkedIn company page, informs visitors about you and your business.

As a result, it’s the ideal place to tell everyone a little about your company and include a link to your website.

Share across all of your social media accounts

If your readers do not visit your website, you must go to them. That’s how things work. What’s the best way to go about it?

Of course, you may accomplish this by distributing your posts over as many social media platforms as possible. However, there are a few details that must be completed flawlessly for this to function.

Make sure you only post on platforms where you have a social presence. There is no point in sending out posts if you do not have time to respond to them.

Post when your audience is active.

What good is a social media post if your audience isn’t online to see it? Sure, you’ll get some views, but will they be interested in what you have to say? Or will they just add to your ever-increasing bounce rate?

When your target audience is most active ( their “peak time ) is the optimal time to post on social media.

Peak media viewing times

Optimize your posts.

Photos and videos are fundamental to social media. So, if you’re promoting your post on social media, don’t forget about those. The best part is that you won’t have to pay for high-resolution images and movies.

You can use websites like deposit photos to get royalty-free images and videos, or take and make your own. Google loves original content.

Also, keep an eye on the headlines. You want them to stand out from the crowd and intrigue people. You’ll have a better chance of people clicking on our posts and reading them if you do it this way. So research your keywords properly.

Read more about adding visuals to your content at Why content needs Video and Images.

Frequency and Consistency

You must be persistent if you want your posts to be read. Decide how frequently you’d like to share, say once a week, and stick to it week after week. If you want anything to succeed, you must be consistent. There’s no avoiding it.

You can make things a little easier by using scheduling software. Set a calendar for when all of your shares go live and write them all at once. This way, instead of dealing with it every week, you only have to deal with it once a month.


A big number of individuals follow specific hashtags on social media. So, research the most prevalent examples in your sector and begin adding them to your posts.

Direct Messages.

Don’t be scared to send your posts directly to people. If you believe they’ll be interested, this might be a terrific approach to market your material. It may be forwarded by those who enjoy it to their friends who may love it as well. You could even be able to go viral this way if you have something unique on your hands.

Get Connected.

You most certainly have a niche if you have a post. If you don’t, conduct some research on the most profitable niche sectors before you start writing. It’s possible that you’ll change your mind about who you want to contact.

And make sure you are passionate about you niche, as you will be writing a lot of content before you are successful.

Find an Influencer

Then find out who the most influential people in that field are, once you’ve decided on your niche. You can use their influence to help market your blog. Here’s how you can go about doing that.

Read, share, and comment on their posts to show your support. Try to strike up a discussion with them on Twitter. If people see you doing anything for their material, they may do the same for yours.

Make a list of all the experts.

Another wonderful way to get some attention is to write an article about the “Top 10 blogs in (your niche).” They’ll almost surely share it on social media if you link back to the blogs you mention.

Try guest posting on other people’s blogs and invite them to do the same for you. You’ll be cross-promoting each other while also getting a backlink in the process. It’s an incredible deal for anyone.

Participate in relevant online forums.

Forums are online communities where people may ask questions, share expertise, and post links related to their niche.

They work in fields ranging from digital marketing to ESL teaching and may be found on Quora, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

People that participate in these forums are devoting their time to them. They wish to learn more about a specific topic and discuss it with others who share their interests.

Why not put your content in front of these people to get them to visit your site?

It can also be a great way to find out what questions people want answered, so you can write posts around the questions asked.


Now that you have these social media suggestions at your disposal, include them into your social media plan and watch the traffic flow to your website increase.

Your material will be read – and shared – by a whole new section of your audience if you have a complete, updated social media action plan.

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