Media Trends that will Affect Website Owners in 2022

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Spratley Island, Vietnam. The South China Sea.

From the Ukraine to The South China Sea.

It has felt like we have had a whole year of news in under three months already. What started out as a continuation of covid and the ever-changing virus has quickly evolved into the invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin.

And waiting in the wings is China who is eagerly eyeing up Taiwan like a once rejected paramour, who is keen to start relationships again. All the while looking at the South China Sea as a suitable place for a honeymoon.

While this is all happening, Covid has changed the way we do business.

Covid and Paradigm shifts in Business.

Due to the pandemic, there have been limits on travel and movement all across the world. Worldwide, foot traffic returning to retail shops has been lower than expected, while online shopping continues to rise.

Using Southeast Asia as an example, ( I live in Vietnam) many people were limiting their movement to essential trips to buy groceries or to travel for work. Vietnam and Thailand experienced a more positive increase in visits to local shops and internal and external travel resumed, albeit with significantly fewer passengers.

However, even as some SEA countries come out of lockdown, online shopping like “Lazada,” “Shopee,” and “Sendo” has continued to rise.

Thailand grew by 63 percent compared to the same period last year, while Malaysia grew by 32 percent and Vietnam by 13 percent. Your online presence is now more crucial than ever before.

And we should be aware of how some of the new trends will affect our businesses in the future.

What Trends will Affect your Online business in 2022?

Digital marketing becomes increasingly sophisticated with every passing year. Marketers now have to juggle burgeoning social platforms and increasing rules, as well as content, automation, and personalization, to mention a few.

In addition to the basics like SEO, PPC, and branding we also need to understand the worlds changing political, social, and cultural environment.

As we look ahead to the new year, we are going to crystal ball a few ideas based on what many others are already doing or saying what will happen in the online and offline world.

These are some of the techniques I will be doing to expand my reach, raise awareness, and increase my income this year.

Media Trends, Social Media Trends, and SEO trends.

Who are the people we want to notice our websites and content that have taken us so long to research and write?

Obviously, our readers are the ultimate purchasers of any goods we market on our websites. But even before we get them we need to “woo over” Google. So what are the latest Google Trends for 2022? Let’s have a look a bit more closely.

Google Trends in 2022.

Write On.

Keep on writing, because content is still king. Google is looking for quality content and it has an acronym called E.A.T. which covers the core of quality content in their eyes.

E.A.T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust. You can find out more about this directly from Google by clicking on this link.

An overview of rater guidelines for Search. Written by Danny Sullivan who is the public liaison contact for Google search.

They are also looking for Quality, which includes the overall quality of the entire website. The design, images, and page speed are all important considerations for a quality site.

As we roar into 2022, it will be critical to not only ensure that your material is genuine and relevant (and that it answers a question), but also that your website is user-friendly, fast to load, and has correctly optimized graphics.

Artificial Intelligence.

This year, artificial intelligence will play a significant part in SEO strategy. “RankBrain,” a Google AI algorithm, will surely become one of the most essential ranking tools in this and coming years.

Although it’s not quite obvious how ‘RankBrain’ analyzes material, it appears that user experience is a crucial aspect. To assist it to prioritize content, RankBrain uses indicators like click-through rates and time spent on site.

As a result, when developing plans for 2022, you should focus on providing content that responds to user-directed questions while still being enjoyable to read.

Ask MUM, the Multi-task Unified Model.

Another google blog, written by Pandu Nayak, a Google Fellow, and Vice President.

Google also discovered that in order to obtain the proper answer to a complex query, their users had to conduct eight searches to find what they were ultimately looking for.

Google wants the searches to be easier for the users of their search engines, thus capturing more people who want fast search results.

Page Speed.

If a page takes longer than three seconds to load, 50% or more of your readers users will leave. It has just taken too long for your site to come up.

You can check your URLs with Google site speed, or look at Core Web Vitals which measures your page load speed from the user’s perspective.

Core Web Vitals may well be the most talked-about tools that you can access for free. So ignore them at your risk.

You can read more about tweaking site speeds here at “How to speed up your website”

Third Party Cookies

Marketers have another year until Google stops using third-party cookies, making 2022 the most critical year for data and privacy collecting yet. For both you and your customers.

A lot of really talented marketers still don’t grasp that Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or any other social media network you utilize owns your audience.

That means you should be looking at employing strategies that favor consumer privacy that excludes traditional tracking platforms and tools. You should finally start owning your audience in 2022.

The information you will gather directly from your customers can help you create more personalized and tailored campaigns.

Make sure your marketing campaigns assist you in building your own database. You can use all of the tried and tested methods, such as emails, newsletters, and social media interaction. And keep the personal data under strict “lock and key”

Affiliate Marketing Trends.

The affiliate marketing industry is enormous, and it’s just growing. Affiliate marketing lowers the barrier to entry when it comes to marketing and income. You can use it to enhance sales or earn additional revenue for your company.

It’s still the most common way for bloggers to make money. Find out more at “Current Trends in Affiliate marketing

You can find out more about Affiliate marketing by clicking on the orange bar. There is no need for a credit card and you will not get attacked by any pushy salespeople. However, I would read my review above first.

But if you want to look yourself how you can money online and take advantage of the above information. Just click and have a good look around. If you want to chat with me, my nickname is Zoopie. Leave a message when you jump in to the site and I will reply.

Here are some current trends in Affiliate Marketing.

  • The United States leads the affiliate sector globally with a market share of over 39%.
  • About 65 percent of affiliate marketers use blogging as their primary source of traffic.
  • Eighty percent of brands employ affiliate networks.
  • According to affiliate marketing estimates, marketing investment will increase from $5.4 billion in 2017 to $8.2 billion by 2022.
  • Affiliate marketing is only second to Google AdSense in terms of revenue.
  • Seventy-four percent of users said they had no worries about using social media to influence their purchase decisions.


Understanding these trends will be helpful so we can provide the best service to our readers. It is a definite benefit to us in the long run to be able to help our readers navigate and find the information they desire.

If we take on board what the trends are and the reasons why Google is introducing these changes, we will be ahead of the pack and will be ranked accordingly.

So put together your marketing strategy, fine-tune your website and consider the tools you will use through 2022 to boost your business. All the while keeping an eye open on emerging trends that will help your business.

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