Discord For Business.

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What is Discord?

Discord is a social platform for V.O.I.P ( Voice over internet protocol) and instant messaging. Voice calls, video calls, text messages, media, and files can be exchanged between users in private chats or as part of communities.

Tens of millions of individuals use the voice, video, and text chat app Discord to communicate and socialize with their friends and communities.

Individuals often use Discord to discuss a variety of topics, from family vacations and creative projects to homework and mental health. Every size community can call it home, but tiny, energetic groups who communicate frequently use it the most.

How Does it Work?

With discord, you create a chat room, or server, to which you can invite users. They receive a link to join the server when you invite them to join. This then allows them to text or chat with other users on the server. Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and all web browsers are compatible with Discord.

Most servers are private, invite-only locations where groups can communicate and spend time together. There are also larger, more public communities based on particular subjects, such as well-known video games like Minecraft. Users have control over how they use Discord and who they communicate with.

They were first started for gamers but are now used by businessmen and educators amongst others. The main criterion for using “Discord” is communication. And the ease of communication is its “strong point”

The people and groups who have made it work well for them and their business are those, like Paolo from Japan, who use it to help connect his readers and viewers to “interact” with one another.

Why has Discord Become Popular?

Discord gained popularity soon after it was founded because it provided streamers and gamers with a handy location to meet, communicate, and play together. Since then, Discord has grown in popularity as a tool for facilitating easy communication between friends and family.

I came across it when I was watching one of my favorite Facebook channels, Paolo from Japan. He quite often mentions his “Discord Group.” And my ears pricked up because I knew nothing about Discord at all. And as an affiliate marketer, I thought this showed a huge gap in my knowledge base.

The thousand-dollar question now is, has it moved on from its limited perceived function of only providing a social platform for gamers? It has been promoting itself in recent times as a hub for businesses and for educators.

Discord for Business.

Using online communication tools at work is becoming more popular. But the year 2020 showed us that organizations need the greatest virtual collaboration solutions to complete tasks and stay on schedule. Due to the lockdown brought on by the Covid epidemic in 2020, this hit close to home.

You can text or communicate with users from all over the world using Discord. Although it has more than 140 million active users, it was not primarily designed for commercial usage; rather, it was developed for gamers. And recently, the firm has promoted it as a method for friends and family to connect and communicate efficiently.

How to Use Discord for Business.

Here are some ways you can use Discord for business.

1) Build Your Community. Discord’s main feature is real-time interaction between users.

2) Host Events. Organize real-time events.

  • Trivia evenings and quizzes:
  • Organize workshops or classes on how to use your product.
  • Giveaways and competitions.
  • Livestream the contest winners’ announcements.
  • Live podcasts; Livestreaming songs over Discord will allow listeners a behind-the-scenes look at your podcast.

3) Use it for Reward systems. If you sell content online, you can use a private “discord server” to reward your customers. This gives your readers an incentive to subscribe. And unlike one-off subscription rewards, access to a Discord server encourages fans not to let their subscription lapse

4) Monitor Statistics. You may monitor statistics like server growth, member retention, channel-specific data, and engagement metrics using Insights. You can examine your company’s consumers in more detail and refine offers accordingly.

These are just a few ways you can use Discord in your business activities. However, not everyone is an adherent to “Discord”

How To Use Discord.

Not Everyone Loves It.

This was a comment from a business, that decided to not proceed with using “Discord” as a business tool.

“My company is presently evaluating alternatives to Slack internally. Turns out, Discord is one of the most feature-rich alternatives, with a relatively smooth UI and voice/video/screen share capability. I couldn’t even get half of about 10 people on the testing committee to try it.

The reasons:

-The logo on the tray is a video game controller

-The home screen shows a listing of games

-The chatbot addressed a female employee when she joined as “love”

-Touchpoint emails aren’t asking for feedback, they’re talking about the journey for users to share gaming experiences”

And Another

Although I can see your point it is a lot of time that would need to be put in for something that will probably not become as big as gaming.

As “they” already said, Discord is made for gamers. You can integrate it at work/corporate business but it will always be aimed at gamers.”

Making Your Own Discord Server.

At some time, you’ll undoubtedly want to build your own server for you or your company. Fortunately, getting started is not too difficult.

  • Click on the “Add a Server” button.
  • Choose a template or start from scratch to build your own server.
  • Give your server a name and a logo.
  • Press “Create”, and you’re ready to go.

As you can see, actually doing the backed work is quite easy, but you have to ask yourself “with the variety of different Media and Social platforms, is it worthwhile spending the time for a platform that has less than 5 % of the market”

Final Words.

I think this is another great tool we can use, especially as it offers some fantastic “real-time interaction” with your readers or customers. However, I do not have the time to pick up another social media outlet. Also, when I consider the total number of people using this platform is only about 5% of the online market and the demographics are not strong for my marker. I would have to leave “Discord: out of my marketing budget or brief.


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