How to Link to the same Page in WordPress.

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Main Points.

What are Anchor links?

Google Likes Anchor Links.

Adding Anchor Links in WordPress.

The Technical Side of Adding Links.

Video for adding Anchor Links.

Making it Easy.

Final Thoughts.

What are Anchor Links?

An anchor link is a link that helps to link to the content on the same page that has an anchor attached.

We have all seen the underlined (normally) blue script, that if we click on it takes us to another website or page within our own website. An anchor link takes it one stage further, and if you click on it you will be taken to the exact topic on the same page.

By adding rapid navigation alternatives throughout your content, anchor links can greatly improve the user experience. Your site visitors can get the information they want in a matter of seconds and avoid the items they don’t want to see. It can also assist you in directing visitors to your ‘Call to Action’ and achieving greater results in your page objectives.

Google Likes Anchor Links.

Anchor links and anchor link sets are important in search engine optimization. They aid in emphasizing the content’s importance, defining the page’s structure, and improving on-page SEO analysis data. Google isn’t stupid, so analyzing the anchor link structure will give it a lot more information about your content.

Adding Anchor links in WordPress.

If you are like me you need everything spelled out and done step by step to be able to understand and do it. I need instructions simpler than “IKEA” to be able to penetrate the foggy gray matter. Even then it can be hit-and-miss.

If you can relate to this, we are kindred souls and this may help. If, after reading this, you see a simpler way of doing this please leave a message so we can help everyone. Thanks

The Technical Side of Adding a Link

There are two pieces to an anchor link. The first component is the anchor itself, which serves as a unique identifier for your page items. The anchor is represented in CSS as id=”unique-id” and can be used in CSS or JavaScript as a reference to the element.

The second section is made up of a real link. The hash symbol and your unique id – #unique-id – are the only differences in the URL.

A paragraph, for example, is tucked away near the bottom of the page. To this paragraph, we wish to add an anchor link.

We need to give the paragraph a unique ID, such as ‘full-description.’ Find the element and give it an id=”full-description” in the opening tag.

Then, from the top of the page, add a link. When creating a link, you’ll need to provide an anchor as well as the hash symbol.

But if you want to keep It easy just watch this video.

Video for Adding Anchor Links.

This is the best video for Dummies like me, it is only 5 minutes long and extremely easy to follow. I will be copying and adding my opinions as to how easy this is to follow. I would like your opinions on “if you found this easy or not ?”

Making it Easy.

And like anything in life or business it can be as difficult or as easy as you want to make it. I am all for making life easy and turning what could be difficult into something that is easy.

So many times these days you come across people or companies who want you to believe that it is only the hard way that will work. I think it is another way of keeping information hidden and making you pay, either in time or money, for something you can learn and do within 15 minutes.

I am not saying this is the case 100% of the time, however a lot of the time you do not need to know everything just to achieve one goal.

For example, do you need to know how to make a car just so you can drive it? Do you need to know the chemical makeup of paint just so you can paint the wall? No, and the same analogy applies here.

If you do wish to know all the technical stuff about “Anchor Links- WordPress” is a good place to start, and finish in my case.

Final Thoughts.

Anchor links are a useful tool to have at your disposal. It’s simple to “put in place” and can boost conversion rates by improving user experience (UX) and assisting with search engine optimization (SEO).

Anchors can be used to guide clients through the sales funnel, rapidly access different areas of your pages or articles, add navigation to one-page sites, and more.

There is no need to completely immerse yourself in the technicalities of Anchor Links. You can get away with understanding the basics to make life easier for your readers to navigate your website.

I use Wealthy affiliates and WordPress to get in front of my readers. And this is for exactly the same reason as I use simple techniques to provide Anchor Links for my readers. Simple, effective, easy to use, and understood by my customers.

Any or all links on this site may be affiliate links, and if you purchase something through those links I will make a small commission on them.

There will be no extra cost to you and at times due to my affiliation, you could actually save money.

You can read our full affiliate disclosure here.

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