How to Convert Web Traffic into Sales | Part 1.

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How to Convert those Clicks.

Are you getting the clicks on your website but they aren’t converting to sales? Getting quality traffic to your website is difficult. And It’s a lot more difficult to make sales and convert from that traffic. Let’s look at some things that can help move your visitor from a reader to a customer.

Grab Your Visitors’ Attention.

The currency of the internet is attention. You need to grab someone’s attention to get them interested in wanting to read what you write. This also means you have to disrupt someone’s attention from what they were doing and focus on what you are saying or writing.

The affiliate marketers’ “battle” is to grab attention in this age of a plethora of content and choice. So how are you going to do this and not resort to, what I call, “Mickey Moose Marketing”. That is throwing out something funny or gimmicky but with no depth or substance.

We need to grab attention, provide good content and help your reader in such a way they will feel happy to purchase what you are recommending. These days everyone is skeptical of people who offer any product online. So how do we overcome this? First off, value is the antidote to skepticism. But first, how do we grab attention?

How to Grab Attention.

You need to hi-jack someone’s attention in just a few words or a short phrase. If you are using a website as your method of communication, look at your keywords. The words that show up in your “URL” when you are searching for something.

Would you take notice if any of the following phrases popped up in your browser?

  • “Google Core Updates & Real-Time Google Results”
  • “Why back-linking is not the best approach to getting rankings”
  • “Google’s new disgust for Article Marketing”
  • “Defining SEO requires an understanding of social”
  • “The importance of domain ownership”
  • “Finding out where you rank in search engines is POWER”
  • “Why the future of Internet Marketing looks so bright”
  • “How to “Double Down” on Traffic Rankings”
  • “Why the latest Google updates doubled my traffic overnight”
  • “Monetizing Your SEO efforts to the MAX$$$”
  • “How Keywords Really Work”
  • “Getting “Side Effect” Keyword Rankings”
  • “Google instant your way to a treasure chest of keywords”
  • “Finding “local hybrid” keywords”
  • “Using the news to acquire mass traffic”
  • “Building a Following that eats up your content”
  • “A simple model to get another 2,200 clicks per day”
  • “How to outsource your work to automate traffic growth”

Using “keywords” or “Long tail keywords” like the above not only helps your SEO standing it also provides a good kick-ass attention grabber headline. More on keywords soon.

These all came from Wealthy Affiliate, still the leaders in the market place in my opinion. Now I have your attention we need to provide some depth to the content.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate and what do they do? Click on the orange bar to find out more. No, you don’t need your credit card to kick the tires. But if this stuff resonates with you and YOU want to make money online, have a look.

However, this is NOT a get-rich-quick and yes you do have to work. But there is a complete training course that will take you from building your first website and making your first dollar and turning it all into a career where you HELP people.

How to Provide Value.

You have only 15 seconds to persuade a visitor to stay or switch to the next tab in their browser. and that is only if your webpage has loaded within 3 seconds or less.

Almost 50% of people will leave your website if it doesn’t load within that time. Scared? read more here about “how to speed up your load time.”

Is it even possible to persuade your visitors to stay on your website for that little period of time? Yes, it is. How?. By adding value to the question they were looking to get answered. We need to look at SEO and what your reader wants answered. So Let’s dive in and take a look.

How to Use SEO Properly.

Search Engine Optimization…yawn, but it is important. If we can’t connect with our readers and what they want, then we are wasting our time. So for those who don’t know about SEO and the ever-changing landscape, here is a bit of VALUE.

SEO is extremely important in boosting your brands online visibility. If no one can find you, they can’t read anything or click on anything. Love it or hate it, we have to use it to the best of our advantage.

This effectively matches up the question the reader or viewer is asking to the correct content. For example, if someone asked, “What is the best Pizza” it will match that person up with some great pizza places.

And Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Duck Duck Go want the smoothest and fastest transaction possible for their “customers”. Which could be your customers if you have done it right.

So you are helping Google and the other search engines better understand what your website is about and what it sells.

This increases your “visibility” by increasing the possibility that your website will be in the search results with any potential customers in our online world.

You can immerse yourself in SEO if you wish here at “Why SEO rankings are important for your website

Short tail Keywords and Long-tail Keywords.

No, I’m not talking about twitching or a birdwatcher whose main aim is to collect sightings of rare birds. No, I’m talking about those words or phrases that we use to titillate our readers into reading our content.

Use a service like Jaaxy, that will keep you ahead of the competition. This helps provide phrases that your readers are using in their searches and if you can match or come close to matching their search requests they will “marry up” their request to your response.

Effectively helping Google in their job. And “Fat Joe” does the same for long-tail keywords. Again, you can find out a lot more in my past post about Long Tail keywords called;

“Fat Joe and Long-tailed Keywords for SEO”

Content is Still King / Adding More Value.

We have grabbed attention, we have looked after Google and the other search engines, and we have added value. Now we need to add value to the question that was asked. Who asked the question? Googles customer, who we also want to be our customer. Our reader, our potential customer.

How do we do that? Content.

Content, whether it’s words or video on your website, it’s still about the content baby.

What do You Want?

So what do you want your content to achieve? You need to clarify within yourself why you are writing this content and what do you want your readers to do after they have read your content? We definitely want to add value, but why and what action do you want your readers to take next?

A conversion does not necessarily mean “Buy this now”. It is not the salesman mentality. We are providing value and hopefully having a conversation with our readers. We get the engagement first, then if we have provided adequate value we get the end result. Whatever we wished to achieve, such as;

  • Clicking on an affiliate link.
  • An opt-in email form.
  • Add a comment.
  • Ring this phone number.
  • Directions to a physical shop.
  • Add to cart option.

A conversion equals the end result of a conversation.

What Do Your Readers Want?

Your readers have identified a problem in their lives or at least a symptom of a problem. Whether it’s in their work-life or personal life, and, they want to fix it. And they want it fixed now!

It could be “I’m getting clicks but they aren’t converting to sales” for example.

They have identified the problem and they are now actively looking at ways to solve that problem. So they want to know how to convert those clicks to sales.

You need to provide a “value-added” solution that they can understand and use to solve their problem. How?, by doing those things that I have talked about above.

We need to;

1. Grab peoples attention and hold it.

2. Use keywords and phrases to get Google and your readers’ attention.

3. Optimize your websites speed load time and make your readers’ visit to your website memorable.

4. Write killer content and provide “viscous-video” that will capture attention.

5. Don’t sell. Entertain and provide over-the-top value.

6. Plug into the culture of the internet.

7. Be “U”, Urgent, Unique, Useful, Unbelievably helpful, and Ultra specific to your readers request.

8. Drop in your intent casually, no hard sell, please.

9. Be ourselves, nobody likes a phony, and it is so easily spotted these days.

10. Make our websites trustworthy. Quality regularly posted content.

11. Use visuals like infographics and videos to back up your “killer content”


Despite the fact that the Internet has altered the way consumers and sellers communicate, the buying and selling processes have remained relatively unchanged.

Buyers have more knowledge and may access a wider range of items and shops thanks to the Internet. Of course, sellers now have new avenues to reach out to potential purchasers. And how we use that interface sets us apart.

There is no such thing as a boring product or service, in my opinion. It’s just boring if the marketing is wrong

Friday Freebies.

My name is Stephen and I run 3 online businesses and an ESL business in Vietnam. If there is anything I have left off the list to help people convert traffic to sales, add it here in the comments and I will send a free E-Book on perfecting your SEO.

“Part 2 about converting clicks to sales will be out next week”

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