Sexism in The Workforce

Fight Sexism written on arm

Gender Discrimination. Gender discrimination or sexism in the workplace may be a more subtle type of sexual harassment. But that doesn’t mean it is any less hurtful to those affected. It can affect both men and women and lead to feelings of powerlessness and feeling isolated from your colleagues. It can also stop a person’s growth … Read more

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam!

    Scams and Multi Level Marketing. Recently a friend accused Wealthy Affiliates of being a multi level marketing scam. I had told him that I had joined Wealthy Affiliates. I even showed him my website which has nothing to do with promoting Wealthy Affiliates. He still did not believe me as he had been … Read more

Hello world!

  This site is for who want to find out about Affiliate marketing. I have made this site to help people who want to find out how to make money on line. And for established affiliate marketers to discuss the benefits of Affiliate marketing. I am looking for people to talk about their experiences and … Read more