How to use Social Media for Small Business.

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We must be on Social Media.

You’re well aware that you should be on social media, it appears in every small business article you read and mentioned in every event you attend. But it’s sometimes difficult to get out of the idea that social media is a waste of time, but it is not.

Social media has the ability to allow you to have a more direct relationship with your customers, which can result in not just more clients, but also clients that are more loyal and care about you and your business.

Spend your time wisely

Obviously, you don’t have much time to spare for extra activities. If you’re going to use social media to promote your small business, you’ll need to figure out how to avoid wasting time. You’ll need a method that is both efficient and effective.

We all do. Time is precious and we have so many tasks in running a business that is profitable that we sometimes overlook easy ways to increase sales.

Here are some suggestions for ensuring that you don’t spend any more time on social media than is necessary and that the time you do spend pays dividends.

My top Tips

Choose your Chanel

Select social media platforms that are a suitable fit for your products and skills. Some websites rely heavily on images rather than words. Shorter texts on these sites will allow you to communicate more quickly.

There’s a chance you’ll have to step outside of your comfort zone to reach your target audience, but figure out what that comfort zone is and which channels are best for your products or services.

Also, highlight your strengths; why should customers buy from you instead of your competitors?

Don’t Over Invest your Time.

Make a list of the social websites you think you should be on, along with the priority you should assign to them. The channels at the top of your list should get more of your attention, and you’ll be more efficient if you focus on them.

If you forget about the ones at the bottom of the list, or if you leave them off entirely, don’t worry about it.

Look at your Competition.

One of the most annoying aspects of social media is that you never know what will work unless you give it a shot. And learning by trial and error consumes a significant amount of your time. However, there is a quick way to figure out what works with your target audience: spy on your competition.

Examine the activities of a few of your major competitors in your niche who are active on the social media sites that you’ve chosen to focus on. Look at the followers and engagement, compare how well they’re doing.

Also, keep an eye on which of their posts receives the most attention. Can you spot any patterns in what works and what doesn’t? Then copy what works and discard those things that don’t.

Get customers to follow you Online.

Thinking about how to persuade offline clients to participate with your business online is one of the best ways to develop your social media following. When consumers contact your company in person, encourage them to follow you on social media.

If you have a ” bricks and morter” business put signage up around your store to inform customers about your social media presence if you have a physical location.

Include cards in each shipment telling clients to follow you on social media if you run a direct-to-consumer business.

Connect with “Influencers”

Influencers have a significant following on social media and are typically willing to promote firms in exchange for free stuff. What methods can you use to work with influencers?

Determine which influencers are likely to be interested in your products. Inquire if they’d like to collaborate with you. Describe what you’d give them in exchange for a promotion.

Check how many new followers you gained as a result of your influencer cooperation to see if you should collaborate with that influencer again.

Do not be scared to ask for help. Most Influencers are happy to lend a helping hand as it benefits them as well. Especially if they see you are developing a new “trend”

Your Social Media Calendar.

Be strategic, your time on social media will be far more productive and effective if you plan and create a social media calendar. Make sure you include;

How frequently do you plan to post on each platform, Keep it as realistic as possible. If you overextend yourself, you’re more inclined to abandon social media altogether. While posting often on various sites will yield good results, consistency is a preferable goal in general.

It is better to consistently publish on 2 or 3 sites than “bulk” send promotions across several platforms on an “ad hoc” basis. Spend your time wisely.

Think about the kinds of content you’ll publish, consider the different sorts of content you want to be displayed. and how often you want to share your content.

PRO-TIP. Use a Social Media Plug-in to automatically post to all your Social Media Sites.

# Use hashtags

By linking your posts to current topics, hashtags help you build your audience. Most social media platforms highlight popular hashtags and allow you to view other posts that contain those hashtags.

When you utilize a trending hashtag, your posts will be discovered by individuals who aren’t currently your followers but are interested in the trending topic you’re writing about.

Link your Social sites

Someone who follows you on Pinterest might not be aware that you also use Facebook. Make sure your followers are aware of your other social media accounts.

Include links to all of your social media accounts so that others may easily follow you.

Ask your fans to connect with you on other platforms by including a call to action in your posts.

You might also consider giving away a free E-Book. Choose a topic that is related to your business. For example, if you are promoting gardening tools, write about the best tools for your garden.

Look for people with similar interests.

People with similar interests find methods to connect on various social media platforms. You want to be a part of the communities on each platform that your target audience uses.

Find and communicate with like-minded people on all of your favorite social media networks. Your sales conversion rate will improve as you get more involved.

If you own a gardening center, look for groups that share your passion. A business Pinterest account for a gardening center might be an excellent method to interact with potential clients.

A forum like Quora may be an excellent way to connect with business people. Look at the different sites and find out what type of people or businesses are active there

Include visuals.

On platforms like Pinterest and YouTube pictures and videos are the entire point of the platform. So you better make them good.

Even on LinkedIn, Keen, or Facebook, they make a big difference to how likely people are to stop and read your post and click through to your website.

Include images with your social media posts. And try to make sure they’re good ones. Stock photography is easy, but it doesn’t work as well as using your original pictures or videos.

Think about what you like to view on YouTube or what pictures you like to see. Keeping it fresh and real will result in more viewers and clicks back to your website.

The Top Social media Websites.

While these are the top media websites ranked by the number of active users ( In the millions ) on a daily basis, there are other sites that can produce effective results as well. Sites like Keen ( which is a Google product ) will help in your ranking and increase your organic traffic quickly.

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Facebook was the first social media platform to reach one billion registered users, and it now has over 2.85 billion monthly active users. Facebook, ( which is now Meta ), has WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram in their portfolio and are among the four largest social media services. Each of them have over one billion monthly active users.

Love them or not, they are an important part of your business’s success.

But don’t discount the opposition. You can get some avid followers if you promote on social sites like MeWe and Tik Tok.


Whatever social media advertising you decide to do and whichever site you decide to use, be consistent. Remember it is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. Work is work and we need to continually strive to make our businesses better.

Promoting ourselves online via social media is just one area that we need to look at. There are a lot of other points to consider as well. But this is an important step in promoting our business.

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