Take Better Self Portraits with Your iPhone.

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Are You Still Taking Bad Self Portraits?

One thing I found difficult when taking portrait shots of myself was how bad they were. However, with the new range of phones, the improvements in functionality have made it much easier to get an improved photo.

There are now more tools that make it easier to get a picture that looks like your portrait has been produced in the studio.

Here are three examples of photos that have used the tools on the phone without using any external photography editing tools.

Photographic Examples.

I took this photo on an iPhone 14 with the front camera at arms length.

I took it in portrait mode using studio light and a 23mm f1.9 setting.

Then I went into edit mode after I took the photo and adjusted the exposure and other settings until I achieved the result I wanted.

I was looking for a darker more moody setting while at the same time ironing out some of the facial wrinkles.

When taking a portrait I will take the photo in portrait mode normally using studio light, which is a phone feature. In portrait mode, you have natural light, studio light, contour light, and stage light.

Once you have taken your photo you have 16 different settings you can use to adjust the quality of the photograph you have taken. There is a whole suite of options to improve the photo in edit mode. It is quite amazing to find this on a phone, and it seems that most of the higher-end phones have these features.

Image 2 and Image 3.

Even though I did this quickly it shows the difference a little bit of time and effort can do in changing the quality of the pictures.

The warts and all picture up the top compared to the smoother-faced and warmer complexioned picture below.

Albeit it still can’t cover up the overall ugliness of the subject. lol.

There are also AI websites like Picsart that will give you higher image resolution and clarity so you don’t have to do your own post-production editing.


Enhance the image resolution of a low-quality photo by referring to external reference images.

Restore old photos that suffer from scratches, color fading, and other degradations.

Create realistic bokeh effects, replace the sky, or insert objects into your photos.

Remove unwanted elements such as power lines or blemishes from your photos.

Cull and select the best photos from thousands of RAW files.

How To Do It.

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